How to use Online Network Marketing to sell and recruit automatically
(without having to do contact lists and without cold calls!)
...Learn Online Strategies to be found ONLY by PEOPLE REALLY INTERESTED in your products and working with you. Even if you have no experience...
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"The Digital Network Marketing Strategies you can DUPLICATE...
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How to be found on the Web and social media ONLY by people really interested in your products and your business opportunity, without having to do contact lists or cold calls!
Thanks to this book you will discover 
the 12 "LOST" Secrets of Network Marketing Online used by 99.9% of the best digital networkerswhich no one has dared to reveal before...  
Did you know that about 50% of distributors in network marketing actually quit during the first year, and 90% of distributors quit during the first five years?
Here’s the problem you’re probably facing today:
many networkers, while knowing that online business is the future of Network Marketing, think that it is challenging to deal with digital media. For this reason, they can not understand where to start.

This means that if you don’t act now, you’ll have to remain watching the other networkers who are quickly preparing for the digital future of network marketing, and you’ll soon lose a large part of your revenue and probably also your network, which will prefer to be led by another team leader more up to date than you.
Fortunately, there is a solution today. Let me introduce you to the SECRET BOOK OF ONLINE NETWORK MARKETING,  an invaluable resource, never published before, which reveals to all networkers how to successfully sell and recruit with the Web and social media, in less than a week, even if you have no previous experience and you are starting out as a complete beginner.
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Here's what you'll get with the "Secret Book of Online Network Marketing":
  • 278 pages of confidential information, which almost nobody knows.
  • The 12 lost secrets of Online Network Marketing, used by 99.9% of the best digital networkers.
  • Immediate access to an online private area, connected to the book, with bonuses and free resources to put what you’ve learned into practice.
  • Step-by-step tutorials to make you an expert in a very short time (even if you have no experience).
  • The resources used by the best professionals and agencies.
  • Clear and simple diagrams and schemes to learn while having fun.
  • Private Facebook group with free support.
  • ​Possibility of direct access to the author to be followed individually.
You will also receive the following bonuses:
  • Bonus 1Free download of the 3 professional funnels for Online Network Marketing, ready to use (worth $97 per funnel).
  • Bonus 2Free video course on the guided use of digital tools for your Online Network Marketing business.
  • Bonus 3Free course on online advertising.
Here are some previews of the Secrets you'll discover in this book...
You finished the list of family and friends, and you risked being branded an annoying person for life? Are you trying to get new contacts from people who really want to buy your products and services or become your collaborators? That's perfect.
Read this book and find out how to attract ONLY people who are really interested in your products and your opportunity and STOP chasing people at random.
Through the strategies you'll learn in the "Secret Book of Online Network Marketing" you'll be the one to be asked for products and desired as a team leader...

HOW TO AVOID jumping into the Network Marketing adventure like an amateur and instead understand how to create a "SYSTEM" first... Page XXV

WHY there's no need to reinvent the wheel, while you can start creating your online presence NOW, and already have a good foundation from which you can easily evolve in the future... Page XXX

THE FUNDAMENTAL DETAIL fundamental DETAIL that most networkers miss (if you lose sight of this detail, you won't be able to give the right boost to your business, and you won't be able to build a solid career). Page 1

WHY this historical moment is the NEW GOLDEN AGE for Network Marketing if you can understand how to take advantage of what's happening around you... Page 2

The most important REVOLUTION in recent years that is affecting every sector of the market and what you can do to surf the wave as a protagonist instead of a passive spectator... Page 3

WHY what they taught you about Network Marketing DOES NOT WORK ANYMORE (or it won't work anymore in a short time...) Pag. 7

THE DIFFERENT MENTALITY for the WEB and SOCIAL MEDIA that most networkers still struggle to embrace, which can really make a difference in your business... Page 8

WHY those who came before you will always earn more than you (if you continue to follow the old method), even if you are part of a perfectly legal and meritocratic Network Marketing system, and with practically unlimited growth possibilities... Page 9

HOW can you finally see your value recognized as a true PROFESSIONAL in Network Marketing, thanks to the INTERNET, and understand how to distinguish yourself from the mass of amateurs... Page 12

WHY are you spending more than you earn and how you can begin to understand how you should manage and optimize your "INVISIBLE EXPENDITURE." Page 15

HOW can you really start calculating the REAL VALUE of your Network Marketing activity with a simple exercise that you can do in less than 5 minutes, and that you can also transmit to your downline... Page 20
STOP following the old Network Marketing methods that don't work anymore!
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And more...
WHAT will be your RESULTS if you continue to follow the "old system" (which is obviously old for a very specific reason)? Page 23

HOW to start having a global vision of Network Marketing and decide that you do NOT want to be part of the sad truth that concerns 90% of networkers... Page 23

HOW MUCH you can earn with Network Marketing and what you need to know to REALLY understand the reality in which you have chosen to operate as a networker... Page 24

THE TRUTH about Network Marketing done in the "traditional" way and why you should start your business IMMEDIATELY, or a good part of it, through the WEB and SOCIAL MEDIA... Page 25

WHY your company's website doesn't work (and it's surprisingly right that it doesn't) and in some cases, the company's website can be seen as a real obstacle to converting visitors as buyers or collaborators... Page 27

WHY there is a very precise SECRET to get ONLINE contacts, (and it is not enough to put a simple contact form on the Web!)... Page 29

WHY people no longer have the time and desire to listen to the usual product presentations or the exact same repetitive way of presenting the business opportunity and what you need to know to review your offer based on the "REACTION TIMES" of the people you want to reach... Page 30

HOW CAN a specific form of Digital Network Marketing can already be considered as "Traditional Digital Network Marketing" even if it's only a few years since your company or your team started using the Web! Page 31

THE HIDDEN SECRET that every networker should always keep in mind, both in Offline and Online mode (if you don't consider this aspect all the rest will be useless...). Page 32

WHERE ends all the people that you and the other networkers in your company are sending to the official website of your network? Page 32

HOW COME in the face of so much effort, is the "old-fashioned" networker using the WEB and SOCIAL MEDIA working with these media as if he were using paper brochures or other forms of traditional advertising? Page 34

HOW CAN a SIMPLE tool allow you to develop the most EFFECTIVE form of ONLINE Network Marketing by transforming what has already worked for a long time into a winning strategy (99.9% of all successful networks use this strategy). Page 35

And these are JUST the first 35 pages...
The Book is not available? Click Here
This is a limited offer.
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P.S. After the launch phase, this book will be sold at $34,97 instead of $24,97, and the price may rise further due to the high demand for this type of specific information. Buy it now at a special price before the offer ends.
P.P.S. Let’s face it, if you miss out on this offer, what will change in your network marketing business between now and next month? Probably nothing, and you’re still wondering where to start to work in the right way with the Web and social media, while helplessly watching other networkers move quickly in this yet unexplored world of new and extraordinary possibilities. The majority of people like us need guidance and motivation before they can achieve success. Get the book now, and congratulate yourself on taking action while you wait to receive the shipment.
Don’t you want to increase sales of your products and recruit new distributors in the fastest and easiest way??
Act now. Buy the “Secret Book of Online Network Marketing” now. I guarantee it will change your life.
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278 PAGES 
of Secrets that almost nobody knows.
Digital Bonuses connected to the book.
+3 PROFESSIONAL FUNNELS ready to use. 
 +Unpublished BONUS RESOURCES for your Business.
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